Southern California Good Sam Organization

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                                                              State Staff    

                                                            State Director



                                                    Roger Strickland (Flora)




                                                                                                        State Recording Secretary

                                                                                                         Barbara Sullivan (Jack)







                State Treasurer

 Dennis Rudd(Jeannette-Door Prizes)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     





               Samboree Treasurer                                                                                 

                  Carmela Remsen                                                                                         

               State Wagonmaster                                                                                   

                 Howard Remsen                                                                                   







   Sam-a-Gram Editor & Webmaster

            Steve Graves                                                                                 
















                     Ed & Glenda Schnelbach 










                               Games & Activities

                              Ralph & Millie Talley




         Staff Chapter Assignments 




















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