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This is a sampling of our periodic newsletter to our members.



February, 2018

Paul Bjornrud, Editor

Volume 38, No. 1

 FROM THE DIRECTOR (aka Humbug):


“Happy New Year”, 2018 is now upon us and I’m hoping that all the blessings of the holiday season continue throughout the year. Jeannette & I started fixing up the house last summer and have learned a lot of headaches do come with those blessings. 2018 is an election year for SoCal Good Sam for the term of 2019 through 2020. The Treasurer position will be elected by the State Committee at the Rally in April. The State Director will be elected by the Chapters. This will be starting in May 2018. Do you have what it takes for either position? Contact me for further information. Your SoCal Staff are hard at work on the April 2018 Rally. Our website has been updated to include all forms needed. Now is the time to get your 2018 Registration forms submitted. Doing this early allows us to better prepare for your arrival. Don’t forget to sign up for the Chapter Sales / Raffle and Carnival Night. Exciting times await those participating Chapters and it’s an easy way to add to your treasury. Remember to bring your pull tabs. We thank the Good Sam 5th Wheelers for sponsoring this drive to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities. I am pleased to announce that the following SoCal Chapters will be receiving Good Sam Anniversary Certificates during the opening ceremonies. Camarillo Camprats 35 yrs; Weak-End Wanderers 40 yrs, Sequoia Sams 40 yrs, Orange Good Sam 45 yrs, and South Bay Outhousers 45 yrs. Congratulations to them all. We look forward to seeing you again at the Rally and remember many of the participants are first timers who do not yet belong to a Chapter. ‘Hello new members’. Our list of events continues to grow. The April 2018 Arizona and NorCal Rallys are listed on our website.


Dennis Rudd (Humbug)

SoCal State Director




                                                                                       So Cal Good Sam Organization

                                                                                         State Committee Meeting

                                                                                                 April 21, 2017

Meeting was held at the Golden Village RV Resort in Hemet, CA. Meeting was called to order by Dennis Rudd, SoCal State Director at 7:10 PM.  Salute to the flag was led by Dennis Rudd, So Cal State Director. Director Rudd welcomed Sandy Lauver, Arizona State Director, a guest present. State Roll Call of the SoCal State Chapters was taken. Fourteen Chapter Presidents or their designated Representatives were present. (Big Bear Sams, Good Sam 5th Wheelers, Good Sam Kountry Kampers, Happy Hookups, Happy Rovers, Lancaster Roadrunners, Lucky 13, Orange Good Sam Chapter, Rollin’ Singles, Sam Radio Hams, Single Mingles, South Bay Outhousers, The Van Nuys Traveliers, and Wandering Wheels).

Minutes of the September 10, 2016 State Commitee Meeting were read. Fred Erler made a motion that the minutes be accepted as read and seconded by Ernie Giannioses.

Treasurer’s Reports: Roger Strickland reported on the State Account, as of December 31, 2016.

Door Prizes: Maxine Mihm reported on the balance as of this date. 

SAG Account: Paul Bjornrud reported on the present balance. Motion to approve the Financial Reports made by David Fulkman, seconded by Cathy Mendenhall. Approved.

Dennis Rudd presented the bills for the SoCal State Director and Staff Expenses total of $2,263.32. Most of these expenses are for mileage. Question from the floor, “how much do we pay for mileage?” Director Rudd reminded the State Committee that a vote was taken at a previous SCM to reimburse Staff $.75/mile. Connie Walton made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Victoria Emerson. Approved.

Correspondence: Good Sam Headquarters has made some changes to their Policies and Procedures. They have decided to eliminate the Regional Directors positions. Director Rudd now reports to Dave Morgen, National Director of Field Operations. This does not change how we operate at the State Organizational Level. The West Region events and tours will no longer be supported. The events may continue though without Good Sam Club promotion. Good Sam Headquarters has also cut funding levels. Director Rudd also received a message that the State funding for Raffle Prizes is being reduced to $150 from $350 and the SoCal Samboree reimbursement reduced to $500 from $1000. A question was asked if there is insurance coverage at Good Sam Events for participants. The answer is none. Only liability insurance for the event is issued by Good Sam HQ to cover SoCal Good Sam. You are expected to have your own insurance. SoCal does purchase liability insurance on the golf carts separately.

New Business: Director Rudd presented seven (7) certificates for Perfect Attendance at the State Committee Meeting for 2016: Good Sam Kountry Kampers, Lancaster Roadrunners, Lucky 13, Rollin’ Singles, Sam’s Radio Hams, Single Mingles, and South Bay Outhousers.

Next year’s Samboree theme will be “Cartoon Rally 2018”.

Old Business: A change to the SoCal Organization SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) was earlier proposed. This was to reduce the number of State Committee Meetings to once per year. A 45 day written notice was sent out on February 23, 2017 to all Chapter Presidents. A vote was taken to reduce the State Committee Meeting to once a year. The prior motion did pass. This change brought discussions on the ramifications of its passing. A memo had been previously prepared by the Director to answer many of the questions that would arise. Work-a-rounds were discussed at the earlier Presidents Forum to many of these concerns outlined in the memo. The key problems were if some kind of an emergency were to arise needing immediate expenditure(s) from the state account. As noted the State Director would have authority to make expenditures only under EMERGENCY conditions or to call a special meeting. See Memorandum, dated April 21, 2017, attached to these minutes.

Director Rudd reviewed the upcoming events.

Floor was open to any questions from the Chapter Presidents, Staff and Hall. Some discussion on what can we do to promote more members. A suggestion was made that perhaps we could have a workshop. This workshop could consist of chapters sharing what is working or not working for them in recruiting new members. Director Rudd agreed that this would be a great idea and will schedule a membership forum for the 2018 Samboree. In addition a document “What can Good Sam do for me” will be made available to the SCM which includes membership drive ideas. Director Rudd will continue with his monthly newsletter to keep the State Committee aware of all news, events and issues within the Organization and the Good Sam Club.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Fred Erler and seconded by Dick Miller. There being no further business from the floor, meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Barbara Sullivan, State Secretary

“Minutes have not been approved by State Committee. Minutes will be read at next SoCal State Committee

Meeting, April 2018.”




                                                                       Chapter News

Apple Valley Roamers

Pres.- George Thompson

                                                                 Get the latest on the Roamers on their Web site





 Big Bear Sams

President: Bob Grimes Editor: Norma Grimes

The annual Christmas Party was at the home of Jeff & Noreene Totten with 31 of us enjoying a great pot luck dinner. We played games that tested our knowledge of the Christmas story and holiday films. Women’s and children’s socks and a monetary gift were given to DOVES for victims of domestic violence and a donation was made to Dogs for better lives in memory of Jim Kelly. We had our election of officers with the current officers being retained for 2018. The January campout was the Blythe Blue Grass festival the week of the 17TH followed by the Quartzfest at Rice Ranch the week of the 22ND. While at the Quartzfest we had dinner at Mountain Quail restaurant, Happy Hour and a Taco Tuesday potluck. Future trips for 2018 are Joshua Tree in March with the Sam’s Radio Hams, The Samboree in April and Flying Flags in May.




President: Tom Eisenmann    Editors: Bob & Lesley Carson

The November campout was Banning, Stagecoach KOA. All but 2 campers came in on Thursday with a great dinner at the Farm House Restaurant. Friday there was chili and cold drinks for lunch and pie, cake and ice cream for our Dessert night. The evening was completed with a rousing game of Mexican Train. Saturday after continental breakfast was our meeting, it went as usual except Debbie shared her Tequila shots. We did a ride share to the mall for the ladies and the guys went to the casino. It was reported that the ladies spent more than the guys made. Saturday night we all went to Grammas for dinner and it was great. Sunday was another great pancake breakfast. The December annual holiday dinner was at the Black Angus Restaurant in Santa Ana. We had many associate members and all but 2 regulars were in attendance for the festivities. Coffee and dessert and unwrapping of presents were at the Bonzer’s home in Orange. Everyone enjoyed exchanging Christmas cards and renewing friendships. Each person took a turn unwrapping children’s presents that are then collected for presentation to a charity. This year our charity was the Children’s Hospital of Orange County(CHOC). We enjoyed a game of “guess how many candles are in the house” game won by Carol. The January campout was Chula Vista with good weather. We played our traditional trivia game on Friday night with Sharron winning the prize for the smartest person answering the dumbest questions. We stayed with tradition again on Saturday night by finding something new to do, we had a construction event. Decks of cards were given to all to build a house of cards that were judged by someone from the office who picked the winner. First prize went to Debbie Kreinbring for the most original; she constructed a motorhome, how appropriate. A special presentation was made to Carl & Sue, an appropriate gift reportedly on their bucket list. Editor’s note. We will have to ask the Cruisers what it was because they aren’t telling. February will be Golden Village in Hemet.



 Jewel Jipsie’s

President: Ed Rogoff      Editor: Mark Shields & Ed Rogoff

The December Christmas Party was at the home of the Pagenkopps for drinks and appetizers and then the golf club for dinner. After dinner we returned to their home for dessert and the Grand White Elephant gift exchange. The Rogoff’s got to take home the club’s white elephant. Great time with lots of conversation, jokes and laughter. January will be CAL. RV in Acton.



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