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 May, 2019

Paul Bjornrud, Editor

Volume 39, No. 2


Our Happy Days Rally is over now and was a big success! I want to thank the SoCal Staff and Volunteers for doing such a fantastic job. The Chapter Raffles, Vendors and all the great seminars worked hand in hand to create one of the best Rally’s ever. Another Special Thank You to all of the participants for working together to create our Rally.

We had six Chapter Anniversary’s ranging from thirty years to fifty years! That’s amazing and always exciting to celebrate the chapters with such longevity. The Rollin Singles prepared breakfast and the Van Nuys Traveliers prepared their famous Cat Fish Dinner, both chapters did an excellent job. Carnival Night and Games was a big success this year, we included a new golf gamethat was a hit. Lyle & Gloria Groen with the Sequoia Sam’s set up Karaoke on Saturday night for our Entertainment, several talented singers participated and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The dates for next years Western Days Rally are April 16 through 18, 2020 at Golden Village Palms in Hemet, California. The SoCal Staff has started the process to create another great Rally.

You’ll notice in the Staff Directory to the right that we have a couple new positions. Jeannette Rudd is now our Door Prize Chairman, and Barbara Sullivan is our new Vendor Sales Rep. Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter for more information!

Flora and I hope all of our members have a wonderful summer, and we are excited to see and hear about everyone’s adventures. Don’t forget to share about it on our Facebook Group!! I know that everyone will enjoy reading about and seeing pictures from all of the chapters. If you haven’t already joined the group, just search for SoCal Good Sam (like you’re looking for a friend), and our group should be the first to pop up. Enjoy Summer Time and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Happy Camping!

Roger Strickland

SoCal State Director




SoCal Good Sam Organization

State Committee Meeting

May 3, 2019


Meeting was held at Golden Village RV Resort in Hemet, CA. Meeting was called to order by Roger Strickland, SoCal State Director, at 7:02 PM. Salute to the flag was led by Director Strickland.

Guests Dennis and Jeannette Rudd, Past SoCal Director were welcomed and introduced.

State Roll Call of the State Chapters was taken. Fifteen Chapter Presidents or their designated Representative were present (Big Bear Sams, Good Sam Kountry Kampers, Happy Rovers, Lancaster Roadrunners, Lucky 13, Orange Good Sam, Outsiders Good Sams, Rollalong Sams of Burbank, Rollin’ Singles, Sams Radio Hams, Sequoia Sams, Singles Mingles, South Bay Outhousers, The Van Nuys Traveliers, and Wandering Wheels).

Minutes of the April 20, 2018 State Committee Minutes were read by Barbara Sullivan, State Secretary. Connie Walton, Singles Mingles, made a motion that the minutes be accepted as presented, seconded by Lyle Groen, Sequoia Sams Chapter. Approved.

Treasurers’ Reports: An Audit of the State’s Account was done by Lee Everett and found to be in order. Dennis Rudd, Treasurer Pro Tem, reported on the State Account. Detailed State Financial Reports attached. A motion made by Lyle Groen, Sequoia Sams Chapter, made a motion to approve the Report as presented, seconded by Dave Bassett, Rollalong Sams of Burbank Chapter. Approved.

Carmela Remsen, Samboree/Rally Account was presented. Detailed Samboree Account attached. Linda Spiecer, Kountry Kampers Chapter, made a motion that the Report be approved, seconded by Lyle Groen, Sequoia Sams Chapter. Approved.

Maxine Mihm, Door Prize Account made her report.   

Director Roger Strickland, reported State Director and Staff Expenses in the amount of $2,446.79. Linda Preston, Sams Radio Hams Chapter, made a motion to reimburse Staff for their expenses, seconded by Ernie Giannioses. Approved.

New Business: Next year’s Rally’s theme will be Western Days. We will be returning to Golden Village RV Resort April 16-19, 2020.

The floor is open for nominations for the State Treasurer for the next 2 years. Bill Motherspaw nominated Dennis Rudd, Ernie Giannioses seconded the motions. Dennis Rudd accepted the motion. There being no other nominees, Dennis Rudd will be the SoCal Treasurer position. Vote was taken and approved.

Upcoming Events were reviewed. Howard Remsen reviewed the upcoming Whittney Classic held in Lone Pine the 4th weekend in September. The So Cal Good Sam Chapters participate. Howard is the focal point for Good Sam. We always need “the SAG stops” for the riders. The Sam Radio Hams Chapter man the radios, the other Sammers provide food and drink at the stops. See Howard Remsen for details. Spaghetti dinner put on by the VFW and Summit Adventures provide a pizza party in the park on Sunday.

Rollin Singles will host breakfast again tomorrow morning for $5 starting at 8:00 am.

The floor was open to the Chapter Presidents and Staff. There being no further business from the floor, Lyle Groen, Sequoia Sams made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Vickie Emerson, Rollin’ Singles. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Barbara Sullivan, SoCal State Secretary

“Minutes have not been approved by State Committee. Minutes will be read at the next SoCal State Committee Meeting, April 2020”








                                                                       Chapter News

Apple Valley Roamers

Pres.- George Thompson

                                                                 Get the latest on the Roamers on their Web site




                                                                                               Kids at Heart


                                                                           President: Andre Beverly       Editor: Laura Hoyle

The February outing was Banning Stagecoach KOA with Brad & Alyson Purcha as our Trail Bosses. We had a great time even with steady rain on Friday evening and all day Saturday. The use of the Club House came in handy. There were 6 member rigs and one guest rig the Ballards, friends of the Purchas The SAM A GRAM welcomes the Ballards to a rainy weekend but with a great Chapter. OK, I don’t want to forget the 9 dogs and one bird, HI GUYS. On Friday morning a group of members visited the Gilman Ranch & Wagon Museum in Banning. There was a large assortment of wagons and we were able to tour the Gilman family home and property of these early Banning settlers. This was also a stagecoach stop for a line running from California to the Arizona border. Friday evening was traditional Happy Hour with hot appetizers provided by our Trail Boss and treats and munchies provided by members and guest. Saturday we played corn hole in the Club House thanks to Bill Hogan and had a great pot luck that evening. On Sunday, everyone headed home for Super Bowl.



Kountry Kampers

                                                                  President: Lynda Spicer                          Editor: Sharan Smith

The February campout was Palm Canyon RV Resort in Borrego Springs with 11 rigs. Wednesday arrivals lucked out because it rained hard most of Thursday. We may have spent the day in the Club House or our RV but did not have to negotiate flooded roadways like the Thursday arrivals did. We ordered pizza for Thursday night. On Friday we did a caravan tour of the Metal Sculptures and had dinner at Carmelitas Mexican Grill. Our sloppy Joes dinner on Saturday night was delicious. We played lots of cards and worked on a jig saw puzzle throughout the weekend. The March campout was Calico KOA with 17 rigs and guests Barbara Hatton and Bill Alloco. The SAM A GRAM welcomes you both as guests of a great Chapter. There was shopping at the Outlet Stores in Barstow and a visit to Eddie’s World for lunch andshopping. We had dinner at Peggy Sue’s and played games in the Club House. We took a tour of the Harvey House in Barstow and finished up with a great pot luck. The April/May campout was the Samboree at Golden Village RV Resort in Hemet. Also in May will be our campout to Ramona Oaks RV Resort in Ramona.




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