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This is a sampling of our periodic newsletter to our members.



                                                                                                August 2015

                                                                                                Volume 35 No,3

                                                                                  Paul Bjornrud, SAM A GRAM EDITOR



Summer can be a busy time for some and others

finding a quiet way to avoid the heat. Your Director has found it to be not too busy and

not too quiet. Things never really do slow down when it comes to Good Sam!

A question was received about Good Sam and emails. Let me assure you, GS HQ does not

sell email listings. That does not mean your email address isn’t already “out there.” If you

have used you email address in any internet transaction, chances are it has been shared.

Receiving unsolicited emails is an easy fix; hit the delete key or get a new email address

which can start the cycle all over again. This topic has been placed on the agenda for the

September State Committee Meeting. We want to make sure that SoCal Good Sam is

doing all it can to make the best use of and safeguard your email addresses.

In addition to your emails, ALL information that is given to SoCal Good Sam for event

registration and membership reporting is safeguarded. We present to Good Sam HQ only

the information they require to report a new Chapter member. None of the additional

information given goes any further than my office where two pit bulls stand guard.

At the April 2015 SCM, it was announced that we would stay with our October to

December dues collection, Chapter membership updates, and the reporting of 2016

officers. Do remember to include Good Sam Membership numbers when listing a new

Chapter member.

Our webmaster Steve Graves, from the Southbay Outhousers, continues his most excellent

volunteer work maintaining our website. The 2015 Samboree photos have been uploaded

and most importantly the Events tab has all the needed forms for the Sept SCM and the

2016 Rally / Samboree in Hemet. The Sam-A-Gram tab includes minutes from the latest

SCM. I continually present Steve with updates to Chapter listings and events only to make

sure he stays busy. Next time you see Steve say hi and give him a big “thumbs up” for

doing such a great job.

Just a reminder on our SoCal Good Sam All Chapter Campout & State Committee Meeting,

September 11 – 12, 2015 Desert Willow RV Resort, Hesperia, CA. Registration forms are

available on our website .

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

Please remember to stop and register at the office before continuing into the Resort.

Dennis Rudd (Humbug)

SoCal State Director





SoCal Good Sam Organization

State Committee Meeting

April 17, 2015


The meeting was held at Golden Village RV Park, Hemet, California on April 17, 2015. Meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by Dennis Rudd, SoCal State Director.

Flag Salute led by Dennis Rudd.

Jo Ann and Vern Yett, West Regional Directors, were introduced and welcomed. Roll Call was taken.

Fourteen (14) Chapters were represented by Chapter Presidents or Chapter Representatives.

Minutes from September 13, 2014 were read and accepted as read with no additions or corrections.

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Roger Strickland, State Treasurer, Carmela, Samboree Account, Door Prizes, Maxine    Mihm and SAG account, Paul Bjornrud.

Reports accepted as presented.

Staff Bills were presented for approval to pay bills. Lyle Groen made a motion that we pay bills as presented, motion seconded by Bill Motherspaw. Approved.

Certificates for Perfect Attendance for 2014 were presented to: Lancaster Roadrunners, Lucky 13, Rollin’ Singles, Sam’s’ Radio Hams, Single Mingles, Snowbirds and Southbay Outhousers.

New Business: 2016 Samboree Theme will be a gold theme celebrating 50th Anniversary for the Good Sam Organization. The 2016 Samboree will return to Golden Village RV Park in Hemet on April 14, 15 & 16 2016.

Directors and West Regional Directors have designed a West Regional identifying patch for purchase by states.

Question, do we want SoCal Organization to purchase the patches? The chapter presidents/representatives would like to discuss at their Chapters’ meetings and vote at the next State Committee Meeting in September as to whether we would like the State to purchase these patches. They may run around $.50 or $1.00 per patch? Would like to see it first on website? Motion made by Lyle Groen, Victoria Emerson seconded the motion. Motion to table until next State Committee Meeting approved.

Dues/Rosters: No change. Dues and updates/additions changes due in December/Jan and dues paid no later than February. HDQ updates/additions/changes will be due in October. Director Rudd will ask for any changes/updates during summer months to meet October requirement.

Dennis Rudd brought up discussion asking permission to dispose of obsolete State Equipment. Lyle Groen made a motion we dispose of what we don’t need. When the need arises, Dennis Rudd will ask for approval for any new purchases to be made to replace old equipment at future State Committee Meetings.

Rollin’ singles have been nominated for Chapter of the year for 2014. Voting to close April 20th. Cast your vote on the website. Deadline for 2015 submissions is December 31, 2015.

Reminder, encourage new Good Sam Member prospects that Good Sam Club is introducing a “Free Year Membership” to any new Good Sam Member. Brochures are being given to Presidents. Reminder to check website for complete list of future Samborees and Camp-on events.

Sunday morning at 9:00 am there will be a memorial service for those chapter members who have passed and a salute to our Veterans.

Note on your chapter calendars that the next State Committee Meeting will be in September 2015 at Desert Willows RV Park in Hesperia, California.

Lyle Groen made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Bill Motherspaw. Being that there was no further business from the floor, meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Barbara Sullivan, State Secretary

“Minutes have not been approved by State committee.

Will be read at next State Committee Meeting

September 2015.”



                                                 Gone but Not Forgotten

So. Bay Outhousers                                                                           Coastal Roadrunners

Jennifer Phillips, Past State Staff May 2015                                  George Prout May 2015

David Anderson, Past State Staff June 2015


Sam’s Radio Hams

Don Johnson July 2015


Naomi Bradfield, mother of JoAnn Yett our

Regional Director

May 2015







Chapter News

Apple Valley Roamers

Pres.-Bruce Shanks

Get the latest on the Roamers on their Web site





                                                                         Pres: Mike Jones  Editor: Laura Swinth

The April campout was Tucalota Springs RV Park in Sage, CA. The Chapter hasn’t been to the Park in 2 years and many improvements have been made and it appears more are coming. The weather was good so there was bike riding and walks with and without the pets. The Reinhhardts were missed, including their dog Missy. We hope they can join us when they are in the area. We had guests Chris Clautice and Sheron Bealer with their dog Frisco, the SAM A GRAM says Hello to Good Sam guests. The Swinth’s rig was the meeting area for the campout and the usual lunch/snack was served at noon. Dinner was meat lasagna provided by the Wagon Masters with everyone else bringing the side dishes as usual. It was noted on our walks that there is a fishing lake for those with licenses and cages with chickens, rabbits and wild peacocks. It should also be noted that we could not get cell phone reception. The weather was beautiful for our 9:00 AM potluck on Sunday and then it was goodbye until Prado Regional Park in May. May was Prado Regional Park in Chino for the Mother’s Day weekend. We could not get our regular spots so we had no satellite reception. We made the most of it by enjoying the outdoors. Laura’s son Ron Tomacruz and his family were our guests for the weekend. The SAM A GRAM welcomes guests Ron, Cynthia, Aaron and Jacob. The boys did some bike riding and then we had our lunch with a variety of food. Saturday night it was give the mothers a break so it was off to the Outback Restaurant in Riverside. We are dark in June, July and August and will be in Yucaipa in September.



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