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2018 So Cal Good Sam Rally, Hemet, CA “Cartoon Rally 2018”





Carnival Night will be Friday April 20th, at 4:30 pm in the main hall.


1. Chapters desiring to operate a booth for the "CARNIVAL NIGHT", must be pre-registered.  If you register upon arrival, you may not get a booth.  There will be no duplication of games.  Please pre-register and do so no later than April 1, 2018.

2. When registering, give a least two choices for the game in case of a duplication.

3. On registration form, give approx. dimensions of booth. Try and stay in an area of about 10' X 10'.

4. Chapters will be totally responsible for the construction and removal of their booth.

5. Prices for Games of Chance will be limited to a maximum of $1.00 per chance.

6. Chapters may start assembling their booths as early as Friday 2 P.M., but no sooner.

7. Your State Organization will sponsor all the prizes to be awarded in the form of a “Chinese Auction.”  Donations from participating Chapters are appreciated.  You will issue single tickets.  One ticket for the try and a max of 15 tickets based on the participants’ success.  These will be used for the auction drawing.  Participants will write their registration number on the back of the single ticket and deposit it in the auction. Tickets can be supplied by Staff.

8. You may send form after December 1, 2017 but No Later Than April 1, 2018.

Send form to:                Jack Sullivan      1744 Cambria Ct      San Jacinto, CA  92583

Email:     Phone:  714-401-3926

If you have any questions contact Jack Sullivan or your Asst State Director

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2018 SoCal Samboree Carnival Night Registration Form


CHAPTER _____________________________  EMAIL _____________________________


FIRST CHOICE OF GAME ____________________________________________________


SECOND CHOICE OF GAME _________________________________________________


SIZE OF BOOTH ________________ NO. OF TABLES NEEDED  ___________________


COST TO PLAY GAME (i.e. 3 tries $1.00) _______________________________________


PERSON IN CHARGE __________________________  PHONE #  ___________________


ADDRESS  _________________________________________________________________


CITY _________________________________   STATE ______________ ZIP ___________


Confirmation of game will be sent via email if provided.

For a printable copy, click:   2018ChapCarn


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